Author: JFokker

Lessons learned (3): Repayment of loans

In my previous articles I shared about how we addressed the written communication gap through the Business Model Canvas and how we help people set up a family budget. In this article I want to share the challenges we face around money lending and what we are learning. To help

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Starting businesses among Arabs in the Middle East

“You should check this out…”, said one of our team members two weeks ago during our business training in the Middle East. She showed me a collage of the 16 year old girl Farousha (name changed) on leadership we taught the previous day. She had captured the difference between a servant

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Young warriors turn to Christ

End of 2021 a group visited an unreached tribe, called the East Pokots from Kenya. For the last 6 years, one of our workers has been working faithfully in that area which resulted in new churches planted. The East Pokots are an animistic people group that move with their livestock

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