Prisha was born in a poor family and brought up in the church

While being involved in the children’s ministry, she discovered her talents for arts and crafts. She practiced this talent and gained experience whilst working with the children and one day she decided she wanted to become a tailor. She started making her own designs for embroideries and clothes and kept growing her passion.

After having followed the Pioneer Business Planting consultation, she decided to pursue her passion and work on opening a tailoring shop. In July, it was finally time to do so! After an official opening (these are taken very seriously in India. They’re even called inaugurations: people from neighboring villages are invited, ribbons are cut and the businesses are dedicated to God by a pastor) and already having 3 sowing machines, she’s ready to receive her customers.

Prisha cutting the ribbon at her shop opening.

Prisha is preparing herself for one of the biggest celebrations in the Indian culture. Diwali is known as the festival of lights and celebrating it includes new clothing. She is procuring her stock and ready to sell her creations.

In India it is custom to buy premade suits and clothes and then tailor them to the customer. She will be doing this with the help of hiring other tailors according to demand. Her specialty will be Kurti’s and Kurta’s (which are the long blouses that they wear) and uniforms.

Prisha procuring her stock in a fabric store.


Prisha is not the only one that has opened her business. Along the same street as her shop, a kitchenware store opened up last year July and a Printshop opened at the same time as hers.


Next to planting businesses, our leaders in India are also still planting house churches. In the part of India that our project is focused on, they went from having 17 churches last year, to having 33! And all that despite COVID-19! We keep believing and praying that this number will grow and the reach of the gospel will expand far beyond this region.

The name of Prisha has been changed for safety reasons.

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