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Help start a farm to provide church planters with an income and reach the unreached peoples in Northern India


This is Ashish. He is 31 years old and he lives with his extended family in a village in Northern India.

Ashish became a believer when he was 18 yrs old, at the same time as his older brother. Their father had accepted a job as a church cleaner and he had the cleaning work done by his 2 sons. They had the habit of resting after their work on the back of the church. One day they heard the pastor speak about the forgiveness of sins. At that very moment, both brothers were convicted of their sins and their need for repentance. When they received forgiveness, both brothers experienced tremendous peace.

Their family was very poor. The father worked as a day laborer on a farm but earned very little. At first they were the only believers in the family but shortly after that their family members came to faith.

Once Ashish had a heavy pain attack. In the heat of the moment he promised God to serve Him for the rest of his life if he would survive the situation. A little later he read Matthew 28:18-20. It was as if Jesus spoke directly to him, giving him a burden for the people around him. Together with his brother he started sharing the gospel in surrounding villages. At some point, God provided the two brothers with a motorcycle that increased their reach.

Network of house churches

Ashish, his brother and their team have planted 42 churches in 3 states of India. They have the vision to make 2000 disciples planting house churches that will reach 200,000 people with the gospel. They founded an officially registered NGO.

Agriculture business

The team of church planters in this region is passionate about disciple making, church planting and business planting but they are hindered by their lack of income. Recently, these church planters attended the Pioneer Business Planting Training which taught them how to use business to reach people and become self-sustainable. Most participants have turned in their business plans and are eager to get started.

The first business we would like to get started is Ashish’s agriculture business. He plans to start cultivating 7 acres of land on which he wants to grow grain, rice, cotton, and vegetables. The area in which he lives, is India’s largest wheat producer because of its land fertility and good irrigation systems. In India, agriculture is an important source of employment, national income and export earnings. Ashish and his family are well-experienced laborers in agriculture. They know how to farm very well.

If Ashish starts this business, he can provide several people with work, build relationships with them and share the gospel. His income will be a lot higher than if he works as a day laborer.


Ashish needs $6,338 to start this business. This money will be used to:

  • Lease 7 acres of land
  • Buy seeds and fertilizer
  • Hire day laborers

Ashish will receive a low interest loan given from the local FaithFund we have setup. He will pay back the loan within 18 months (after 3 cycles of harvests). The money paid back into the FaithFund will enable 3-5 new businesses to start.

We expect Ashish will be self-sustainable within 2 years.

Risk management

  • Ashish and his family have been working in agriculture for more than 15 years. They have a lot of experience.
  • Ashish receives a loan from a FaithFund governed by several people who ensure accountability and repayment of the loan.
  • Ashish receives regular coaching from one of leaders.
  • If the harvest fails, the government of India pays a portion of the damage.

Expected yields

  • 12,000 kg of rice per 6 months, yield: 240,000 rupees (+/-$2,900)
  • 3,000 kg cotton per 6 months, yield: 240,000 rupees (+/-$2,900)
  • 21,000 kg of wheat per 6 months, yield: 420,000 rupees (+/-$5,100)


  • Ashish and his family will become self-sustainable and can use their income to bless others and have the means to travel and reach more people.
  • This agriculture business will provide 150 days of work a year for day laborers.
  • 2 to 3 other businesses will start after six months.

We would welcome any financial help to reach out to these unreached people groups in India. Helping Ashish will also help a lot of people in the place. Every single cent you give can multiply into improving the lives of many.

* The name Ashish has been changed for safety reasons.

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