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In Kenya, an All Nations team has faithfully planted around 20 churches in the West and among the unreached animistic people group, the Pokots, in the North. 

We have been training people all over Kenya in multiple online and offline Pioneer Business Planting consultations. These disciple makers have started to plant several businesses that help reach the unreached. 

One leader has been discipling street kids and has started a bakery shop with them. They make small cakes and is selling them to people in his area. The kids learn work ethic, sales, marketing and more while they are in the business.

Another leader has started a barbershop close to the unreached people group, Pokots, in the North of Kenya. Many people come into his barbershop and his influence has grown within the town. The barber shop functions as a beachhead to reach the Pokots.

We focus on coaching disciple makers to write business plans and help them start businesses and raise up a local leadership team to train and coach others.

We started several businesses in Kenya. We name a few:

  1. Barbershop
  2. Dairy farm
  3. Printshop
  4. Bakery 

Impact 2020-2021

People trained in Pioneer Business Planting
Businessplans written
Businesses funded
Loans given
People influenced
Number of Discovery Bible Studies
Number of churches
Generations of churches

Disclaimer: numbers are a great way to show how God is impacting the world. Remember, they are just numbers. Behind every number are people, stories and communities. High numbers is never the end goal. The end goal is more disciples and churches planted among the neglected peoples of the earth.  We receive our data from our local workers on the field. Numbers change all the time. Businesses stop and start, churches stop and start.

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