Project Middle East

The goal of this project is to help disciple makers in the Middle East to use business to make disciples and reach the unreached people groups.

We started this project in 2022 with a Pioneer Business Planting consultation and are in the process of starting the businesses.

Here are a few business ideas:

  1. Spices shop
  2. Selling birds
  3. Restaurant
  4. Selling clothing
  5. Dairy farming

Impact 2022/2023

People trained in Pioneer Business Planting
Businessplans written
Businesses funded

Disclaimer: numbers are a great way to show how God is impacting the world. Remember, they are just numbers. Behind every number are people, stories and communities. High numbers is never the end goal. The end goal is more disciples and churches planted among the neglected peoples of the earth. We receive our data from our local workers on the field. Numbers change all the time. Businesses stop and start, churches stop and start.

Stories from the Middle East

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