Project Tanzania

Our team is continuously expanding its outreach to African nations, including Tanzania. One of our workers, Emanuel, has dedicated several years to planting churches among the Massai people in Moshi, a rural area located in the north and home to Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. Despite the challenges of poverty and illiteracy faced by many families in the area, Emanuel has successfully established a network of 21 house churches. Unfortunately, due to their lack of education and knowledge about business, the Massai people often struggle to make ends meet and are frequently plagued by hunger.

Visiting their location is a challenge due to undeveloped roads, lack of electricity and water shortages in many areas. However, our local leader overcomes these obstacles and passionately shares the word of God with the people, bringing whatever resources he can to support them. Sometimes, he distributes sacks of corn flour to provide food for the families, as the Massai people struggle to maintain farming for food due to water supply problems. Additionally, many families keep cows but lack the knowledge to utilize them for labor, keeping them as mere domestic animals.

In February 2023, we visited the group and provided them with training to enable them to achieve self-sufficiency. Our ultimate goal is to support church leaders in establishing their own businesses, which in turn can be used to extend outreach to the unreached population in their region.


Impact 2023

People trained in Pioneer Business Planting
Number of churches
Number of Discovery Bible Studies​

Disclaimer: numbers are a great way to show how God is impacting the world. Remember, they are just numbers. Behind every number are people, stories and communities. High numbers is never the end goal. The end goal is more disciples and churches planted among the neglected peoples of the earth. We receive our data from our local workers on the field. Numbers change all the time. Businesses stop and start, churches stop and start.

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