Project Train the Trainer

Over the last 5 years we have raised up around 70-80 trainers and coaches for Business for Movements. These trainers lead Pioneer Business Planting consultations and coach people how to start a Kingdom business. 

We raise up trainers and coaches by:

  1. Letting them join a Pioneer Business Planting consultation
  2. Be part of a training team in a Pioneer Business Planting consultation
  3. Lead a consultation
  4. Start their own Kingdom business
  5. Coach others in starting a Kingdom business


  • Strengthen local trainers and coaches
  • Multiply local trainers and coaches
  • Train more people in starting Kingdom businesses

Objectives 2024

  • Increase the amount of trainers from 75 to 150


  1. Every local mature trainer brings along 2-3 apprentices
  2. Local mature trainer coaches 2-3 apprentices
  3. Train the trainer Trainings – 3 days gathering of 20+ African trainers and coaches in regions
  4. Group coaching program for 6 months

Investment 2024


Stories from Train the Trainer

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