Project Train the Trainer


We raised up around 40 trainers and coaches for Business for Movements over the last 4,5 years.


  • Strengthen local trainers and coaches
  • Multiply local trainers and coaches
  • Train more people in BFM which leads to starting more businesses and more churches

Objectives 2023

  • Multiply 49 to 100 trainers
  • Every trainer will train 50 people in 2023
  • We train 5000 people in 2023
  • 10% will develop business plans
  • We start 500 new businesses


  1. PBP training Tanzania February 9-14 for 5 days for people that haven’t attended the PBP yet and want to become trainers/coaches
  2. Train the trainer Training in Tanzania – 3 days gathering of 20+ African trainers and coaches Feb 16-19
    1. Outcome: a plan with goals and objectives to train people in PBP
      1. Prayer
      2. Discuss most common problems
      3. Reinforce material (go through Facilitators Manual, teach to one another)
      4. Small groups discussions on problems they see (learn from one another)
      5. How to run a training?
      6. How to coach others well?
      7. Business Model Canvas – Envelope Game
      8. Pioneer Business Planting Online
  3. Coaching program for 6 months
    1. Group Zoom calls
    2. Coaching meetings:
      1. Pray
      2. Look back review action steps
      3. Input/Encouragement
      4. Action steps
      5. Pray

Who can be part of this?

  • People that have attended PBP
  • Leaders from Africa that are involved in DMM
  • Intention to teach PBP to at least 50 people in 2023
  • Will commit to the training and coaching time (over Zoom)
  • Will commit for 3 years doing this


For 2023 $25,000.

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