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Lessons learned (3): Repayment of loans

In my previous articles I shared about how we addressed the written communication gap through the Business Model Canvas and how we help people set up a family budget. In this article I want to share the challenges we face around money lending and what we are learning. To help

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Unstoppable Malawi’s growth in planting churches and businesses

Since 2018 we have been supporting our Malawian team by helping them to plant new churches, businesses and to become self-sustainable. Over the last years, they have planted about 400+ house churches in the country in 4 to 5 different locations. To further encourage the leaders, we visited Malawi last August

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Annual report Business For Mission 2019

In this Annual Report you will read a description of our projects, with stories of how we could make an impact in Malawi, Uganda and through multiplying facilitators of Pioneer Business Planting. Click on the image to read or download it here. In 2019 we could train 920 people in

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