Unstoppable Malawi’s growth in planting churches and businesses

Since 2018 we have been supporting our Malawian team by helping them to plant new churches, businesses and to become self-sustainable. Over the last years, they have planted about 400+ house churches in the country in 4 to 5 different locations. To further encourage the leaders, we visited Malawi last August and we witnessed the strong faith of the people in the power of God.

In past visits, we held five-day Pioneer Business Planting consultations. However, this August 2022 trip we held a DMM training, visited house churches, poured into our leaders and spent time listening to the stories of the people in the villages. For three days, we visited the house churches where we sat on the floor, read Scripture and shared what we learned from those Scriptures. We saw how amazing the people interact with the Scriptures and how God has brought wisdom to the people in the villages. Furthermore, we spent time listening to each other’s life stories, the testimonies of the sick getting healed, the oppressed being set free and more people becoming followers of Jesus.

Empowering Malawian Leadership

Our team also held a one-day planning and strategizing event, where we brought the leaders together and formed the Malawi local leadership team, called The Power Team. We witnessed how God guided these local leaders who independently led a simple church planting training for their people. There are seven local Malawian team leaders from different locations that came together to Monkey Bay. These leaders have been doing church planting and business planting in their own regions. This team has the goal of planting new churches and businesses in Malawi and beyond. They have committed to pray for one another, meet with one another regularly and help one another.

Growing Numbers in Church Planting

The last two years of hardships facing difficult challenges has affected the Malawian team, but they persevered through these hardships. In the hardest times especially during the peak of Covid, our local leaders have stubbornly focused on making disciples, planting and multiplying churches among the neglected and planting businesses. The work has multiplied to more than 400+ house churches and Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) to the 4th generation and is continuously growing.

Planting Businesses

Below are some of the many local successful businesses in Malawi:

Gibson's Printing Business
Gastern's Fishing Business
Stefano's Sausage Business
Shadrack's Banana Plantation Business

The growing numbers of house churches and local businesses are the reflection of their gained learnings. They are hungry to learn and quick to implement. They are hardcore disciple-makers willing to grow even in hard times. Their faith in God is highly inspiring. The trainings and the financial support we gave them are like a sparkplug that allows their engine to start. The rest of the journey is on them to maneuver to reach their destination of success. Investing in these kind of people is worthy. Being a witness to their struggles and hardships; success and happiness, is something to be grateful for.

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