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People groups:

East Africa


Moshi, Arusha, Meserani​

Maasai, Luos

As an animistic, traditional people group, the Maasai from Tanzania center their lives around their cattle, which constitute their primary source of food. They eat their meat, drink their milk daily and drink their blood on occasion. A man’s wealth is measured in cattle and children (note that the wives or women are also counted as part of the children). A herd of 50 cattle is respectable, and the more children the better. A man who has plenty of one, but not the other is considered to be poor. Unlike many tribal cultures, Maasai women have a strong voice in their culture. Maasai women are easily identified by their shaved heads, bright clothing and beads and the removal of one of the bottom teeth (for both sexes). Many men have multiple wives and lot’s of children. Also there is widespread activity of witchdoctors in the area.


Key Leader

Jackson Mollel

Jackson lives with his family in a small rural village in small houses of clay. His family owns a Posho mill. This mill grinds maize/corn to powder. This powder will be used to cook a staple food called Ugali or Zimma. Jackson immediately put the Pioneer Business Planting training into practice and started buying and selling maize. With this business he could save money and provide for some children in the family to go to school. He is passionate in sharing the gospel with others through his business.

Our teams in Moshi, Arusha and Meserani have planted around 30 churches among the Maasai. Due to their lack of education and knowledge about business, the Maasai people often struggle to put food on the table and are frequently plagued by hunger. In 2023 we trained around 150 people (95% women) in starting Kingdom businesses that helped them to make disciples and plant churches. 

Our key leaders Jackson, Njamuganda and Emmanuel have a Posho mill, are selling maize and are running a poultry farm. Many women have changed their minds and have started small businesses such as selling milk, tomatoes, groceries and candies.

Action Steps 2024

  • Prayer for change of hearts and minds of the Maasai to learn how to handle money in a good way and use business to make disciples.
  • Give existing believers Bible teaching in the house churches including distributing a minimum of 20 Bibles.
  • Our local leaders will visit and coach the people that have gone through the Pioneer Business Planting training to grow their businesses.
  • Facilitate discipleship training and outreaches to plant more Maasai churches.
  • Facilitate at least 2 five-day Pioneer Business Planting consultations in 2024.
  • Distribute the Multiply Ubuntu app that can work on a feature phone and smartphone, which consists of audio bibles in Swahili and Pioneer Business Planting videos and audios in Swahili.
  • Set up a FaithFund to help people receive loans to grow their businesses.
  • Raise up new house church leaders and business leaders.

Outcomes 2024

  • New house churches planted.
  • New businesses started.
  • New leaders of house churches will be established.
  • New local trainers of Pioneer Business Planting raised up.

Investments 2024

  • • Travel costs $6,000
  • • Bibles $600
  • • Training materials $600
  • • Coaching costs $3,000
  • • Honorarium trainers $2,000
  • • FaithFund $5,000
  • • Admin $1,500
  • TOTAL COST $18,700

Impact 2023

Discovery Bible Study groups
House churches
People trained in Pioneer Business Planting

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