"I support the work that you've been doing with Pioneer Business Planting and the move to put the material online and ultimately in the hands of every movement leader. You know that business development is at the heart of the gospel spreading. As our friend Harry Brown says, you can't capitalize on the Great Commission, you must catalyze it. The Pioneer Business Planting material coupled with the Disciple Making Movement platform is an exponential blessing and an extraordinary tool in the hands of fruitful disciple-makers. The last thing we need is the gospel dependent on the west for funding in its spread to the places it has never been nor never flourished. Pioneer Business Planting puts business thinking in the hands of ordinary people who are making disciples and allows them to become self-supporting and fruitful for the Kingdom."
Roy Moran
North American Regional Director at New Generations North America
Founder and a member of the Teaching Team at Shoal Creek Community Church
"As an entrepreneur, I wholeheartedly support the work All Nations Business for Movements is doing, because it helps church planters to become self-sufficient. They receive all the training, coaching and seed capital to start their own business, enabling them to plant new churches."
Director at Valuen

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