How we work

We are making church planting movements self-sustainable.

1 Determine location

We mainly work with church planters that want to extend the reach of the gospel. We determine if the location has the vision, time and resources to focus on churchplanting and starting businesses.

2 Field consultation

In the 5 day interactive Pioneer Business Planting consultation participants will learn how to use business to reach the lost, to write a business plan and skills to start and manage their business.

3 Business plan

The participants start researching their communities. From there they gather all the necessary information and write their business plans.

4 Coaching

Through regular meetings an experienced coach will help the participants develop their business plan, church planting plan and develop further skills needed to start and grow the business and their network of churches.

5 Funding

Once the business has proven to be viable, the next phase is raising the capital to start. We encourage people to find funds locally through a bank, micro-finance institutions, personal savings, loans from friends and family etc. We also set up local FaithFunds to start the businesses.

6 Multiply businesses

The participants start the business, ongoing business coaching will be provided and when it grows new businesses will be started.

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