We have set up local FaithFunds to help start Kingdom businesses that spread the reach of the gospel.

This fund will be established by giving a ONE time donation to local regional fund that is locally governed by a team of church planters, pastors and seasoned businessmen or women. The people on the governance team are picked carefully based on character and experience and are responsible for managing, stewarding and multiplying the funds.

The money in the fund will be used to give out loans to start Kingdom businesses. These loans will be paid back with interest by which the fund grows and more businesses will be started. The money is NOT intended for ministry purposes.

These are the requirements of the businesses the funds invest in:

  1. Locally led
  2. Helps to spread the reach of the gospel and the planting of churches
  3. Have a written business plan in place

The governance teams of the FAITH funds are coached and mentored by a global team of mature businesspeople and churchplanters.

These funds have shown a 90% success rate over the last years. In different countries in Africa and Asia it has proven to be successful.

Your ONE time donation will multiply! So you can have a big impact with your donation.

Invest in a local FAITH FUND?

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