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Bengali Muslim Shaikh, Hindus

In the vibrant country of Bangladesh of 170 million people, we are working to help disciple makers and church planters use business to make disciples and extend the reach of the gospel. This project is done in collaboration with partner organisation 3xM. Together with our organisation in Bangladesh we work among Hindus and the largest Muslim unreached people group in the world, the Shaikh community (134 million).

Collectively these people have established more than 40 churches, providing a sense of community and spiritual support to those we serve. However, there is much work yet to be done, as the capital Dhaka alone houses 311 distinct people groups, out of which 289 remain unreached, accounting for a staggering 92.9% of the population. The percentage of Christian adherents in the area is currently at 0.37%, emphasizing the need for continued dedication and outreach.

We remain steadfast in our mission, driven by the belief that every life transformed brings us closer to a more inclusive, compassionate, and spiritually enriched community in Bangladesh. With the unwavering support of our partners and the unyielding dedication of our team, we forge ahead, seeking to bridge the gap and bring hope to the lives of those who have not yet been reached. Together, we strive to make a lasting impact, one that will resonate through generations to come.

Our goals and objectives include an exceptional initiative that harmoniously combines business development and spiritual growth to make a profound impact on lives and communities. This transformative project empowers individuals with entrepreneurial skills and spiritual values, revolving around a church-planting mission.

In 2023 we successfully trained 54 pastors, church planters and disciple makers from all over Bangladesh in Pioneer Business Planting, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to make a positive and sustainable impact in their communities. On a regular basis we are coaching the participants in starting their businesses.

Action Steps 2024

  • Prayer for change of hearts and minds of the Shaiks and Hindus to be open to the gospel, to learn how to handle money in a good way and use business to make disciples.
  • Facilitate a five-day Pioneer Business Planting and Train the trainer consultation where we train around 30 people to start Kingdom businesses and pass this on to others.
  • Facilitate 3 locally led Pioneer Business Planting trainings.
  • Visit and coach the people that have gone through the Pioneer Business Planting training to grow their businesses.
  • Grow the FaithFund to help people receive loans to start and grow their businesses.


  • New house churches planted.
  • New businesses started.
  • New leaders of house churches will be established.
  • New local trainers of Pioneer Business Planting raised up.


  • • FaithFund $10,000
  • TOTAL COST $10,000

Impact 2023

House churches
0 +
Generation of churches
People baptized
Pioneer Business Planting training
People trained in Pioneer Business Planting
Business Plans written
Businesses started

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