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Southern Africa


Boane, Maputo, Nampula, Beira

Ndau, Shanghai, Ronga

The Ndau are known for being herbalists and skilled in black magic. Many fear their curses. They live in very rural parts of Mozambique where the Mozambican National Resistance (RENAMO) rebel groups have always lived. They are considered engaged with the Gospel but unreached. Most of the Christians are outsiders who prefer living in nearby cities.

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Raymond Makhamu

Key Leader

Raymond Makhamu

Our local leader from Mozambique lives in Boane, a village near Maputo in southeastern Mozambique. He was taken from his family in Mozambique as a child, but a kind missionary named Peter rescued him during apartheid and placed him with an indigenous family. After completing his education, Raymond devoted his life to serving the Lord. He built his own family in South Africa and became a father of four girls, while his spiritual bond with God grew stronger. Raymond’s mission work led him back to Mozambique, where he reunited with his long-lost family. He continues his mission, focusing on making disciples, planting churches, and running various businesses to support his outreach efforts, with a goal to reach unreached people groups in Mozambique.

Since 2008, Raymond and his team of 16 leaders have started a network of more than 60 house churches among the Shanghai and Rhonga in the South of Mozambique. Since July 2023 they have been building relationships with the Ndau.

In 2019, Raymond did the Pioneer Business Planting Consultation in Cape Town. He has put what he has learned into practice by starting a farming business with a garden that he continues to develop with a diversity of different vegetables. He also has a business in cashew nuts and recently started a fish farm business.

In 2021 Raymond himself trained 50 people in Pioneer Business Planting and in June 2022 and June 2023 we trained 150 people to start Kingdom businesses.

In follow-up to these training sessions, intensive coaching has begun. The leadership team regularly visits the participants and helps them write business plans. Several businesses are started: hardware shop, chicken farm, expansion of a pharmacy and more.

The local leadership team has a vision to reach the 11 unreached people groups in northern Mozambique by starting businesses and churches there. This year we will start to work in the North of Mozambique in Nampula to reach the Yao.

Action Steps 2024

  • Prayer for change of hearts and minds of the Ndau, Shanghai, Ronga to learn how to handle money in a good way and use business to make disciples.
  • Give existing believers Bible teaching in the house churches including distributing a minimum of 50 Bibles.
  • Facilitate 2 discipleship trainings and outreaches to plant more churches among the Ndau, Shanghai, Rongapeople groups.
  • Visit and coach the people that have gone through the Pioneer Business Planting training to grow their businesses.
  • Facilitate 3 five-day Pioneer Business Planting consultations in 2024, all led by the local leaders.
  • Set up a FaithFund to help people receive loans to start and grow their businesses.
  • Raise up new house church leaders and business leaders.

Outcomes 2024

  • New house churches planted.
  • New businesses started.
  • New leaders of house churches will be established.
  • New local trainers of Pioneer Business Planting raised up.

Investments 2024

  • • Travel costs $2,000
  • • Bibles $1,000
  • • Training materials $4,000
  • • Coaching costs $3,000
  • • Honorarium trainers $2,000
  • • FaithFund $5,000
  • • Admin $1,500
  • TOTAL COST $18,500

Impact 2021~2023

Discovery Bible Study groups
House churches
Generation of churches
People baptized
Pioneer Business Planting trainings
People trained in Pioneer Business Planting
Business Plans written
Businesses started

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