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Sotik, Chepilat, Kisii

Kisii, Kipsigis, Luo, Ruias

In the West of Kenya live the Kisii, Kipsigis, Luo and Ruias peoples. They originally originated from Egypt and most of them are agro and livestock farmers. Livestock remains part of dowry payments. Milk is a staple, as well as tea which is grown privately and on large, long established plantations dating back to colonial days. Men inherit land; women do not. Men clear the land and build fences and homes. Women are responsible for raising the kids, running the house and sometimes holding the only paying job. Men often feel a certain sense of entitlement, because men are seen as holding the preeminent position of protector. These groups have a lot of street children. Kids that cannot be cared for, end up on the streets drinking and smoking.

Straatjongens in Kisii stad
Streetboys in Kisii town
Kefa’s Bakery business
Key Leader Kefa

Key Leader

Kefa Moirore

Our Kenyan leader who grew up in poverty, entered the world of business at a young age to support himself. He started by selling tea and later expanded into selling paraffin. After Jesus changed him completely, he became a pastor and joined All Nations in 2015, learning important business and life lessons. Kefa has become a trainer of trainers in Pioneer Business Planting and church planting while supporting local businesses, and helping street children.

Pioneer Business Planting Training - December 2022
Second hand clothing shop

Our leader Kefa Moirore has worked among the street children for many years. He has taken several in his home, discipled them and gave them a job. With his team they planted around 54 churches among street kids, their families and the people around them, also in a tea plantation.

Kefa is running a bakery, together with several of the street children that supply to more than 200 customers in the area delicious donuts. Since 2020, Kefa and his team, consisting of Lamec, Finley and Alloys, have trained hundreds of people in Pioneer Business Planting. Many businesses have been started like a barbershop, chicken shop, farming among many others. They have raised up 10 trainers that are training others.

Action Steps 2024

  • Prayer for change of hearts and minds of the Kisii, Kipsigis, Luo, Ruias to learn how to handle money in a good way and use business to make disciples.
  • Giving existing believers Bible teaching in the house churches including distributing a minimum of 20 Bibles.
  • Our local leaders will visit and coach the people that have gone through the Pioneer Business Planting training to grow their businesses.
  • Facilitate discipleship training and outreaches to plant more churches.
  • Facilitating 5-10 five-day Pioneer Business Planting consultations in 2024 with at least 25 participants each.
  • Distribute the Multiply Ubuntu app that can work on a feature phone and smartphone, which consists of audio bibles in Swahili and Pioneer Business Planting videos and audios in Swahili.
  • Set up a FaithFund in West Kenya to help people receive loans to grow their businesses.
  • Raise up new house church leaders and business leaders.

Outcomes 2024

  • New house churches planted.
  • New businesses started.
  • New leaders of house churches will be established.
  • New local trainers of Pioneer Business Planting raised up.

Investments 2024

  • • Travel costs $8,000
  • • Bibles $600
  • • Training materials $600
  • • Coaching costs $3,000
  • • Honorarium trainers $2,000
  • • FaithFund $5,000
  • • Admin $1,500
  • TOTAL COST $20,700

Impact 2020~2022

Discovery Bible Study groups
House churches
Generation of churches
People baptized
Pioneer Business Planting trainings
People trained in Pioneer Business Planting
Business Plans written
Businesses started

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