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Southern Africa


Monkey Bay, Balaka, Mangochi

Yao, Tonga, Chewa, Tumbuka, Ngoni

The Yao people of Malawi were influenced by the Swahili-Arab traders of the late 1800s and practice Islam intermingled with witchcraft, ancestral worship and animism. Today, Yao Muslims belong predominantly to one of two groups of Muslims, both of which are Sunni. One group is Sufi in belief and practice and are known as the Qadiriyya. This group combines Islam with traditional African religion, using traditional medicines and talismans for protection from sorcery and witchcraft, as well as for healing and obtaining good fortune. The other group is largely anti-Sufi and more scripturalist in their approach to Islam. The Yao are poor, predominantly illiterate, and suffer greatly from divorce and HIV/AIDS as a polygamist society.

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Key Leader

Gibson Banda

Gibson oversees our Southern Africa initiatives. When his stepfather chased him away from his house as a young boy, he was taken in by some missionaries and from there he met Jesus. God changed him completely. He attended a church planting training (CPx) in South Africa and started planting churches back in Malawi.

Protea Valley Church from South Africa has played a significant role in both his ministry and business achievements and played a pivotal role in bringing him and his family to Cape Town for the church planting training. Subsequently, they entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with All Nations and jointly supported him. In 2018 he attended a Pioneer Business Planting that helped him grow his own print shop and use his business to make disciples. With his team he is leading a church planting movement in Monkey Bay, Malawi and he is training people to plant churches and businesses at the same time.

Over the last years, Gibson and his team in Monkey-Bay have planted more than 22 house churches and 150 Discovery Bibles Studies. Stefano and his team in Mangochi have planted 38 house churches and 47 Discovery Bible Studies. 

The ministry started by praying for many people with diseases and demons. As word spread, they began discipling small groups, teaching them to pray for others, with signs and wonders following.

Gibson has a fruitful printshop, grocery store, rents out houses and a truck. Stefano has a furniture shop. Through their businesses they can sustain themselves, help others and share the gospel. 

Over the last years Gibson, Stefano and their teams have trained hundreds of people in starting Kingdom businesses. Many businesses have been started, like fishing businesses, grocery stores and more that will enable the leaders to be self-sustainable. Together they have raised up more than 10 local trainers and coaches that also train and coach people in Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya.

Action Steps 2024

  • Prayer for change of hearts and minds of the Yao, Tonga, Chewan, Tumbukato to learn how to handle money in a good way and use business to make disciples.
  • Give existing believers Bible teaching in the house churches including distributing a minimum of 100 Bibles.
  • Facilitate 4-6 discipleship trainings and outreaches to plant more churches among the Yao, Tonga, Chewan and Tumbukato people groups.
  • Visit and coach the people that have gone through the Pioneer Business Planting training to grow their businesses.
  • Facilitate 8-10 five-day Pioneer Business Planting consultations in 2024, all led by the local leaders.
  • Distribute the Multiply Ubuntu app that can work on a feature phone and smartphone, which consists of audio bibles in Chichewa and Pioneer Business Planting videos and audios in English.
  • Set up a FaithFund to help people receive loans to start and grow their businesses.
  • Raise up new house church leaders and business leaders.

Outcomes 2024

  • New house churches planted.
  • New businesses started.
  • New leaders of house churches will be established.
  • New local trainers of Pioneer Business Planting raised up.

Investments 2024

  • • Travel costs $3,500
  • • Bibles $1,000
  • • Training materials $4,000
  • • Coaching costs $3,000
  • • Honorarium trainers $2,000
  • • FaithFund $5,000
  • • Admin $1,500
  • TOTAL COST $20,000

Video All Nations Business for Movements

Impact 2018~2023

Discovery Bible Study groups
House churches
Generation of churches
People baptized
Pioneer Business Planting trainings
People trained in Pioneer Business Planting
Business Plans written
Businesses started

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