Project India

The project aims to create a sustainable movement of disciples, leaders, and churches using business to spread the gospel. A facilitator trained in September 2019 started a project in India and conducted a Pioneer Business Planting consultation with 20 participants, identifying a need for a vessel shop, milk sales, a tailor shop, and a local grocery store. The vessel shop and grocery store have since been established, filling a need in the community.

Project Agriculture India

Ashish and his family will achieve self-sustainability through an agriculture business, which will also provide 150 days of employment to day laborers. The success of this business will lead to the establishment of two to three more businesses after six months. The project seeks financial support to reach out to unreached people groups in India, and helping Ashish will improve the lives of many in the area. Every donation can make a significant impact.

Project Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, we collaborate with partner organization 3xM to train pastors and church planters in Pioneer Business Planting, aiming to make a positive impact and extend the reach of the gospel. So far, 54 participants have been equipped with skills and knowledge and several businesses have been started.

Project Nepal

Most of the Nepalese are farmers. They live in small rural settlements that are situated near rivers or springs.The Nepalese also cultivate vegetable gardens to feed their families. Most of the farmers raise buffalo and goats for meat and cows for milk.

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