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God is doing an amazing work in Uganda. One of our key leaders shares:

“I was a bank manager with the biggest bank in Uganda. The Lord told me to leave the bank without telling me where to go, how I would support my family and how we would survive. I ended up at the Church Planting Experience (CPx) training in Cape Town, South Africa, which transformed my belief system. I spent some time away from my family in order to take the training. So without raising any financial support, I went back home to Uganda and started prayer walking the streets of Kampala. Since that time, we have grown to over 4000 church groups and raised up over hundreds of leaders into the 8th generation of house churches. My disciples have gone as far as Sudan, South Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi among the prostitutes, in the ghetto, among the Nubians, refugees, as well as people groups in rural areas. Although its been messy along the way, there has been amazing blessing and fruit.

We need to train our leaders to the 10th generation and we would like to send workers to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Sudan, and Somalia, which would spread to the north African part of the 10-40 window.  We hope to raise 8 movement leaders like myself in five years and the hub will be instrumental in this.”

We help the Ugandan movement by starting businesses that help the church planters become self-sustainable by training, coaching and developing a FAITH fund. So far a posho mill has been started.

Read the story of one of our church planters who is selling soup to reach the unreached here.

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