Project Train the Trainer

The objective of this project am is to strengthen and multiply local trainers and coaches to train more people in business and church planting. Local trainers will do a Pioneer Business Planting themselves and become trainers and coaches. With the project we do live Train the Trainer meetings, reinforcement of materials, and coaching meetings over Zoom.

East Africa

Project West Kenya

In Kenya, an All Nations team has faithfully planted around 20 churches in the South. The team is looking for ways to use business to become self-sustainable and to use business to reach the unreached. One leader has been discipling some street kids and has started a bakery shop with them. They make small cakes and is selling them to people in his area. The kids learn work ethic, sales, marketing and more while they are in the business.

Project East Pokot Kenya

The East Pokot people in Northwestern Kenya, facing challenges such as limited education and harsh living conditions, are being supported by George, an All Nations' Kenyan fieldworker. His efforts include providing Bible teaching, business development support, leadership training, and establishing a FaithFund to uplift the community and address their needs.

Project Northern Kenya

The Turkana, constituting 2.14% of Kenya’s population, are the third-largest Nilotic group in the north, known for semi-nomadic pastoralism, camel raising, and basket weaving. Their cultural narrative includes historical dominance in the Turkana basin and colonial subjugation in 1926, shaping a way of life centered around livestock and traditional beliefs.

Project Tanzania

Tanzania is a country in East Africa within the African Great Lakes region and has a large population of nearly 62 million. Our All Nations team has visited some of the unreached people in the north Tanzania and gave them Pioneer Business Planting Training this year 2023.

Project Uganda

A former bank manager in Uganda shares a story of leaving his job without knowing what was next, and attending the Church Planting Experience (CPx) training in Cape Town, South Africa, which transformed his beliefs. Despite not having any financial support, he returned to Uganda and started prayer walking the streets of Kampala.

Southern Africa

Project Malawi

Our Malawian team has planted around 800 groups over the whole country over the past years. With a team of around 8-10 faithful leaders they reach the unreached in their nation and beyond. We help the Malawian movement by starting businesses that help the church planters become self-sustainable by training, coaching and developing a FaithFund.

Project Mozambique

Over the last years, our leaders have planted a network of around 40 churches with a group of 16 leaders. Our team is starting up several businesses. One of our workers has grown a lot of cashew nuts in recent years and made a cashew nut steamer himself. He plans to sell these cashews. In addition to cashew nuts, he also is starting a fishing business.


Project Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, we collaborate with partner organization 3xM to train pastors and church planters in Pioneer Business Planting, aiming to make a positive impact and extend the reach of the gospel. So far, 54 participants have been equipped with skills and knowledge and several businesses have been started.

Project India

The project aims to create a sustainable movement of disciples, leaders, and churches using business to spread the gospel. A facilitator trained in September 2019 started a project in India and conducted a Pioneer Business Planting consultation with 20 participants, identifying a need for a vessel shop, milk sales, a tailor shop, and a local grocery store. The vessel shop and grocery store have since been established, filling a need in the community.

Project Nepal

Most of the Nepalese are farmers. They live in small rural settlements that are situated near rivers or springs.The Nepalese also cultivate vegetable gardens to feed their families. Most of the farmers raise buffalo and goats for meat and cows for milk.

Middle East

Project Middle East

The goal of this project is to help disciple makers in the Middle East to use business to make disciples and reach the unreached people groups. We started this project in 2022 with a Pioneer Business Planting consultation and have started multiple businesses.

Project Pioneer Business Planting Online

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