Annual reports

Annual Report 2022

In recent years, God’s challenges from Isaiah 54 to “Enlarge,” “Stretch out,” and “Do not spare” have motivated us. In 2022, we have enlarged and stretched out. Despite global adversities such as inflation, COVID measures, and political instability, we have witnessed God’s active presence.

Our Mozambique project empowered local workers, fostering self-sustainability through farming and a cosmetics shop. In Malawi, Gastern’s savings enabled him to purchase a fishing company, while leading house churches. Mira initiated a house church and print shop in India, passing on Pioneer Business Planting principles to Neena, who started a textile shop and house church. Neena’s son further expanded by opening a stationary shop and house church.

To foster growth, we invested in indigenous leaders, increasing our numbers from 13 to 45, and completed an Pioneer Business Planting Online course for Kingdom business development. Let us remember that God brings increase and deserves glory, as stated in 1 Corinthians 3:6-9. Find inspiration within this Annual Report!

Annual Report 2021

In this annual report, you will be inspired by how God is using business to extend the reach of the gospel.

2021 was not an easy year for many of our workers. The ongoing COVID-19 restrictions affected many people. In the hardships and difficulties, the thing that has been more important than ever is encouragement. Paul said in 1 Thess 2:11 [NKJV] 11 as you know how we exhorted, and comforted, and charged every one of you, as a father [does] his own children. Through our weekly and sometimes daily coaching, we exhorted, comforted, and encouraged our people to have endurance, so they do the will of God and receive the promise.

Despite the challenges, 403 people have been trained in Pioneer Business Planting, 45 businesses started in several nations, and in total 274 discovery bible studies and 126 churches are active. God is working through our local indigenous workers!

One of my favorite stories is from Gastern, who grew his restaurant business this year, so he could build his own house, while he is reaching out to an unreached people group. He never did any budgeting, planning, or bookkeeping. But since he did that, his life changed.

George from Kenya, started a barbershop in a town near an unreached people group the East Pokots. His shop shaves around 15-30 people on a daily basis. He is well known now in the area. He is using the business to make disciples and is reaching out to the East Pokots.

Annual Report 2020

For many of our teams, 2020 was a difficult year. Nevertheless, I continue to be impressed by the faith and perseverance of our people. In John 16 Jesus says: “But take heart! I have overcome the world.”. And that’s the way it is. Jesus encourages us to keep going. He is the one that has everything under control. He is the Conqueror. In Him we will find peace when we go through difficult times.

In this blogpost I would like to share our Annual report of 2020 with you. It gives an overview of what happened this past year and which projects we’ve worked on.

Corona had impact on our team, mostly due to the restrictions put in place in many countries. Because of this, there were difficult moments, but also beautiful moments, in which we’ve worked together with all teams. Where we’ve been able to improvise to keep the mission going.

How we did that exactly, is something you can go read in the report. We get to testify of amazing things!

Be inspired by this annual report! I invite you to pray with us, go with us and to give.

Annual Report 2019

In this Annual Report, you will read a description of our projects, with stories of how we made an impact in Malawi and Uganda through multiplying facilitators of Pioneer Business Planting.

Mid of 2019, we visited several groups of main women they were training who participated in an eight-week program where they learned Pioneer Business Planting principles and learned how to save and write a business plan. Many people started businesses that have positively impacted the community. They provide for their families and employ others.

In 2019 we could train 920 people in Malawi that started or grew around 400 businesses.

We can see that 2019 was a year of breakthrough in the impact we could see in the people’s lives and churches and businesses planted.

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