Transformation in Malawi: a PBP succes story

At the end of last year Gibson, from Malawi, held a Pioneer Business Planting consultation with several local Malawian leaders. One of these leaders, Gastern, called Gibson last week and started sharing his amazing story.

Gastern told Gibson he was full of joy and blessed because of the training. He never did proper budgeting for his life and business. He never saved and knew little about bookkeeping. After the training, he started to work on a businessplan and opened his first business: a restaurant and small lodge.

When fishermen travel through his village, they need a proper place to eat and sleep. Gastern gives them food and a place to sleep in his simple lodge. While these Muslim men are eating, he plays the audio bible in their Yawo language. One day he prayed for a Muslim guy, whose wife left him. A few days later his wife came back.

His story continues! Gastern started a small grocery shop attached to his restaurant and has planted a big garden from the profits of his businesses. He also will be able to build his own house.

This is one of the many stories how God is using business combined with disciple making and church planting is bringing transformation and helps to reach the neglected people of the earth.

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