Changing lives with PBP: a testimony from Kenya

“Now you are a new person, now you are a born-again believer!” said the wife of Moses to him after he included his wife into their farming business.

Watch the video to see Moses tell his story himself.

Many men from Kenya do not include their wives in the business and ministry. One of the fruits of the Pioneer Business Planting consultation we did last week in Chepolat, Sotik, Kenya was that people see that business is teamwork. Business and ministry go together. You do business as a team when you make disciples and plant churches. We do it together.

With an international team of six Gibson (Malawi), Liesl (SA), George (Kenya), Moses (Kenya), Kefa (Kenya) and Jonathan (NL) we trained 15 leaders in Pioneer Business Planting. Many people were transformed and changed in their thinking and actions. We were able to baptize 5 people. More stories to come.

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