Courage and Perseverance: starting a clothing business after an accident

6 years ago Peter from Kenya had an accident at his workplace, where he got stuck in a wire cable and was dragged over the ground for hundreds of meters and smashed into a wall. After several months of hospitalization, Peter recovered. Unfortunately, he had to stay in a wheelchair. His legs are numb but the nerves are still active. Slowly, step by step, he is teaching himself to walk again.

Peter attended our Pioneer Business Planting Online consultation in October last year. When we visited him in March this year, he told us he started his new clothing business. He did some research and second hand clothing didn’t work, too much competition, but selling new clothing does work. He made a personal budget and business budget and started. He wants to grow, earn a living and share Jesus with others.

Peter’s spirit is strong. He is filled with courage and boldness. “I don’t want to sit down and do nothing, I want to make something of my life.”.

People like Peter are my heroes. They persevere, are full of energy, set an example and go for it.

Watch Peter’s video above where he shares what he learned and will implement from the Pioneer Business Planting training. He has been using his business profits for his personal expenses and is going to change this.

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