When George from Kenya was a young boy, he had never heard about Jesus. Until one day a missionary family moved into his village and started truly mixing with the villagers. The wife loved the kids and naturally invited everyone into their home. It was there, that George’s life changed forever. He became a passionate follower of Jesus.

Attending YWAM (DTS) Nairobi as a teenager grew his passion even more. He started realising how God sent the missionary into his life and what it had actually meant. How the missionary went to a very remote area, where no one cared to come, and reached them with the Gospel. God put the same mission into George’s heart; to be the person to reach the unreached.

In 2014, George’s boss told him “I know people who are doing what you are doing. I would love to connect you to them”. And that is how George came into contact with All Nations. He followed a CPx training in Nairobi and went to Cape Town in 2015. In Cape Town, God used Floyd McClung to make George’s assignment very clear to him. He was to be an apostle, that would make disciples, train leaders and pioneer new places.

The assignment got even clearer through a vision, where God called George to go to the North and arranged a divine encounter with someone working with the East Pokot people group.

So, from the town where he was working with the Kisii tribe, Chepilat, George started researching and asking God if He wanted him to work among the Pokot.

Working with the Pokot

He’s been working with the Pokot for over 6 years now and God has been a gracious provider. He provided all the resources George needed to make his assignment possible; a car to reach them and a churchbuilding fitting 500 people. He shared his vision with local people there. They welcomed him and gave him a piece of land for the church and another big piece of land which he can use to bring development in the region. The church has now been established in this place, Akwichatis, with a fellowship of Christians already running the church themselves through living the Bible. He has planted 12 churches so far and will keep spreading the Gospel.

The first time George travelled there, there was no road or running water. But now the government has paved a road and are connecting pipes and making boreholes to provide water to that region, to support them in developing their lands.

All of these blessings came, after they accepted Jesus and started following Him.

Pioneer Business Planting

George sees Pioneer Business Planting (PBP) as the way forward. He has been working in ministry full time for 12 years now and PBP has brought a change to how he had been doing things. Pioneer Business Planting is a 5-day hands-on consultation focused on extending the reach of the Gospel while creating financial sustainability for church planters and other leaders/believers. “PBP is a new tool” he says, “that needs to be engaged in mission work. It will improve mission work and we will keep developing this tool better locally. It’s a tool that has been lacking in mission work for many generations and this lack has effected the church badly.” Before he took part in the training, he saw doing business as something evil, something a Christian missionary shouldn’t do. But his vision has completely changed through PBP and he has taken the challenge of teaching it to others too.

After following the Pioneer Business Planting training, George opened his first business called “Goodwill Kinyozi & Salon” (Kinyozi = Barber shop) in Baringo County, which is in the region of the East Pokot. In the shop, you will find a washing area, an area for the barber and the hairdresser (male and female), a place to sell hair products and manicure and pedicure services. After now being open for just a few weeks, he already has 8-10 customers a day!

Opening this business has allowed him to finally move to this area and will open doors to share the gospel with the local people there.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading this story again. I feel the story touching my heart in a new way, and I feel inspired.

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