Multiplying impact with giving dollars: new businesses start out of FaithFund to reach the lost

Last year we started a FaithFund in Malawi where people that have gone through a Pioneer Business Planting consultation, have a written business plan that proves to be viable and are trustworthy followers of Jesus, can apply for a loan to start their business. Our key leaders started 5 businesses: taxi business, hardware store, restaurant, selling second hand clothes and a firewood business. Recently they have been paying back the loans so that new disciples can receive a loan and start a business to help them become self-sustainable and reach the neglected. Let me give tell you about three people:

Shadrack from Malawi received a loan and started an ice block business. Fishermen that catch fish need to cool/freeze their fish when they want to sell it or transport it to other places. He started this business with his disciple Esau, and they are sharing the good news of Jesus with the fishermen.

Thoco received a loan and is growing her hair saloon where she reaches out to women and shares about Jesus. She is leading several DBS’es.

Gift received a loan and is growing his goats business while he is discipling people and starting DBS’es.

Money that has been donated, will be used to make a multiplicative impact! It will be used over and over again. A loan will be given, that will be paid back and new businesses can start with more and more impact.

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