Beating COVID: train 16 leaders in Kenya in Business Planting

“Now I understand how I can use business to plant churches. It opens doors to the community.

From September 14 till September 18 Gibson from Malawi and Jonathan from The Netherlands facilitated an Online Pioneer Business Planting consultation. During 5 days, 4 hours per day over Zoom we were projected in a Kenyan room with 16 leaders who have been planting churches in their area and among the unreached East-Pokots in the North of Kenya.

We thank God for the openness, hunger and the revelation people received. Right through power blackout, network or hardware problems, we persevered and managed to train and encourage our Kenyan brothers.

All 16 leaders taught one session of the training back to on Friday, in which we saw amazing understanding in such a small period of time.

Here are some business ideas that they have and will research more in the coming weeks and month to see if they are viable: poultry farming, coproduction beans/maize, renting movies/cyber, fish farming, second hand clothing, bakery and many, many more.

Read some testimonies below:

“I have been a businessman but I didn’t know it is good to have a personal budget. That’s why sometimes I lose money. I have been spending money that was meant for my business for my personal expenses. I will start saving now.”

“I grew up with a distorted idea that business was evil. As a servant of God, you pray and fast. That’s why you see that most African pastors are in suits and ties, they don’t sweat and work. Now I understand that business and church are one.”

“The topic on personal budget was marvelous. It will take a lifetime to work on it. Let God help me to put it in my DNA. Our parents never left us an inheritance and taught us how to save. But that is going to change.”

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