First family in neglected Hindu village baptized and business started

Last year our AN worker trained a group of people to start businesses to reach the neglected and become self-sustainable in an Asian country. Three of the attendants immediately passed the training on to two women: Agnes and Masha.

Agnes applied what she learned and researched her village for a non-competitive business that she could start that could help her make disciples and provide an income. She lives in a completely Hindu village and is the only follower of Jesus in her village and in her family. She found out that many village women  want to have clothing, but that they are restricted in their travelling, due to the fact that not all villages have public transport and the fact that it’s not always safe to walk to a town being a woman. The women therefore depend on their husbands or their sons to transport them to a town to buy clothes. That’s why Agnes  started a Mobile Textile Shop where she delivers clothes like plain and designed sarees, shirts, blankets, bed sheets, pillow covers, face masks, hand gloves, baby clothes and more. A great way to reach people, especially in this COVID-19 season.

In the beginning of this year Agnes attended a church planting training. During this training she learned how to share Jesus with others and how to do a DBS. She started a DBS in her home. A few weeks ago her husband and three sons decided to follow Jesus as well and were baptized.

This family are the first believers in this Hindu village. They bring love, hope, joy and also value and money through their business.

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