Using business to Advance the spread of the gospel among the unreached

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be the solution to these problems

Most of the movements we know are not self-sustainable. We want to be the solution.



Meet oliver and rhoda

For years Oliver and Rhoda have been planting churches among the neglected. Many times they couldn’t pay school fees for their six kids and some days they couldn’t put food on the table.

They are passionate to plant more churches in new villages. Unfortunately they don’t have the money to travel to these new villages and less people will have the change of hearing about Jesus.

With your help, they started to farm rice and a taxi business. Through training them in Pioneer Business Planting, ongoing coaching and access to a FaithFund they can bring food on the table, give to others and travel to the unreached places to make disciples and plant churches.

Impact in numbers 2018-2021

People trained in Pioneer Business Planting
Businessplans written
Businesses funded
Loans given
People influenced
Number of Discovery Bible Studies
Number of churches
Generations of churches

Disclaimer: numbers are a great way to show how God is impacting the world. Remember, they are just numbers. Behind every number are people, stories and communities. High numbers is never the end goal. The end goal is more disciples and churches planted among the neglected peoples of the earth. 

We receive our data from our local workers on the field. Numbers change all the time. Businesses stop and start, churches stop and start.



How we work

We are making church planting movements self-sustainable through the following steps.

1 determine location

We mainly work with church planters that want to extend the reach of the gospel. We determine if the location has the vision, time and resources to focus on churchplanting and starting businesses.

2 field consultation

In the 5 day interactive Pioneer Business Planting consultation participants will learn how to use business to reach the lost, to write a business plan and skills to start and manage their business.


The participants start researching their communities. From there they gather all the necessary information and write their business plans.


Through regular meetings an experienced business coach will help the participants develop their business plan and develop further skills needed to start and grow the business.

5 funding

Once the business has proven to be viable, the next phase is raising the capital to start. We encourage people to find funds locally through a bank, micro-finance institutions, personal savings, loans from friends and family etc. We also set up local FaithFunds to start the businesses.

6 multiply businesses

The participants start the business, ongoing business coaching will be provided and when it grows new businesses will be started.

We are taking Pioneer business Planting online

Donate your time and marketing skills!

Do you love telling stories? Do you love media, marketing, design? Are you passionate about business? About disciplemaking and do you have a love for other cultures? Donate your time and talents and volunteer to interview our workers, write or produce video’s of their stories, send newsletters and be active on social media.

Video Business for MOVEMENTS


Read encouraging stories about how church planters have been helped to become self-sustainable and use business to extend the reach of the gospel.


Malawian local leader, Gastern never did proper budgeting in his life and business. He never saved and knew little about bookkeeping. After the training, he started to work on a business plan and opened his first business: a restaurant and small lodge. When fishermen travel through his village, they need a proper place to eat and sleep. Gastern gives them food and a place to sleep in his simple lodge. While these men are eating, he plays the audio bible in their language and shares Jesus with them.


We need your help

End the low self-esteem, the shame and the stress of disciple makers and help them reach the unreached through business and churchplanting.


Join our Signal group to pray for a breakthrough in starting businesses and reaching the unreached.


Want to change a whole community and reach the unreached? For $20,000 to $25,000 you can sponsor a whole project in one location for a year.

Or give any other amount.

Volunteer your skills

Use your business skills, network and expertise  and become a facilitator or a coach for our people.

Stories and news

Read encouraging stories and news about how you make an impact.