From Pastor to Pioneer: A businessman from India Building a Legacy of Faith and Healing Herbs

Ishaan, his wife Aisha, and their three children felt called into ministry in Northeast India in 1997. After undertaking various initiatives, including establishing and running a Bible school, a secular school, a vocational training center, and an English school, while also pastoring churches, God called Ishaan to focus on church planting.

In 2010, he founded a church planting ministry. Between 2018 and 2020, he served as pastor of one of the fast-growing churches he pioneered. However, desiring more involvement in church planting, he resigned after three years to fully dedicate himself to this calling.

Driven by an ambitious goal set in 2020, Ishaan established another ministry that focuses on indigenous church planting through the discipleship model, aiming to train and mobilize 1,000 church planters and small group leaders by 2030. Their vision is to plant 500 new Cell Churches/Life Groups/Discovery Groups/House fellowships across the Himalayan region and North East India.

This ministry has a three-fold mission:

  • To make every believer a healthy & passionate disciple of Jesus.
  • To equip pastors and church planters to disciple every believer to become a passionate disciple maker.
  • To encourage and strengthen disciple makers to reach the unreached through discipleship approaches.

In November 2023, Ishaan participated in a Pioneer Business Planting Training. Inspired by this training, he launched an integrated farm several months later, registering it under the name “Agro-Farm Developer & Consultancy.” This farm aims to cultivate rice, corn, vegetables, betel nuts, fruit trees, and medicinal plants. Additionally, he plans to raise various domestic animals.

Ishaan already sells a medicinal oil with 15 healing ingredients effective for joint pain, headaches, nerve pain, neck pain, and migraines. He intends to grow some of the oil’s 15 ingredients on his farm, while purchasing others from the market.

Ishaan’s business, “Agro-Farm Developer & Consultancy,” has the potential to make disciples in a few ways:

  • Financial Sustainability for Ministry: Ishaan’s farm income supports him and his ministry, freeing him to focus on discipling and church planting.
  • Model of Ethical Business Practices: His ethical farm shows how faith guides daily work, inspiring others to honesty and integrity.
  • Employment and Community Development: Ishaan’s farm isn’t just income, it’s community. Jobs created empower families, boosting the local economy. As prosperity grows, hearts open to faith, making the ground fertile for Ishaan’s mission.
  • Sharing the Harvest: By donating farm produce or profits to local churches and families, Ishaan can embody Christian compassion and potentially attract others to the faith.
  • Demonstration of Self-Sufficiency: Ishaan’s integrated farm, raising animals and medicinal plants, inspires new believers with self-sufficiency, empowering their spiritual growth.


*The names of Ishaan and Aisha have been changed for safety reasons.


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