Transforming communities in Mozambique through Pioneer Business Planting

"I'm deeply grateful for my experience with the Pioneer Business Planting training in Mozambique. The five-day training immersed me in diverse cultures and equipped me to be a disciple in business planting. Collaborating within a team for the first time boosted my confidence, providing valuable insights. Now, I navigate the business landscape with newfound knowledge. I eagerly anticipate returning for more sessions, thankful for the growth and blessings I've received."

In Mozambique, where the bustling city of Maputo meets the serene landscapes of Naamacha, we trained a dynamic group of 52 church planters in Pioneer Business Planting. The goal was to help create sustainability for church planters and help them reach people that don’t know Jesus by learning to start a Kingdom business. The training was led by local trainers Raymond, Shadreck, Henoc and Jao, with the support of the Dutch facilitators Jonathan, Eddy, and Jacinto.

The attendees came from various backgrounds. Some had traveled from Ghaza, one gentleman made the journey from Namyesa, and there were two representatives from South Africa. Their diverse experiences and stories would become a powerful asset during the training.

The participants engaged in various activities and lessons about business planting, but a few elements stood out. The “envelope game” challenged their budgeting skills, while the group discussions often circled back to the importance of personal budgeting. Raymond, as a facilitator, shared his wisdom on time management. His emphasis on understanding the basics of personal budgeting before venturing into business endeavors resonated deeply with the trainees. These exercises aimed to enhance communication and collaboration skills among the participants.

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“Budgeting is like taking notes and keeping money in your pocket. If someone isn’t aware of how to manage their own personal budget, how can they be trusted with business finances?” Raymond would say.

The participants also delved into the concept that business is a form of worship to God. They learned that when you conduct business ethically and successfully, you not only provide for yourself but also contribute to your community and, in a way, serve your church. The deeper understanding of business as a means to glorify God left a profound impact.

By the end of the training, more than 50 Business Model Canvases (one page sketch of a business model) were created. These included decoration and catering services, barbershops, cosmetic clothing lines, hardware stores for construction, fish and pig farming, hair salons, cashew nut farming and vegetable farming. Several attendees wasted no time and had already started their businesses, including catering and decoration services, cosmetic clothing, and hardware construction supply business.

Our local leader Raymond was enthusiastic about his “smart project” in the upcoming year. His goal is to build 12 fish ponds by the end of 2024, each capable of holding 10,000 fish. These ponds will not only support their business ventures but also contribute to food security in their communities.
The training in Mozambique was a catalyst for change in this community. It has equipped individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to make a positive impact on their communities. They left with a newfound sense of purpose, ready to turn their business plans into reality and worshipfully serve their communities and churches. The week-long training had sown the seeds of transformation, and they were determined to cultivate a brighter future for themselves and their people.

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