How one man’s maize business is opening doors to share the gospel and sends kids to school in a Tanzanian Village

In February 2023, we trained a group of disciple makers and church planters in Moshi, Tanzania. One of them was Jackson. During this Pioneer Business Planting training, Jackson learned how to use business to make disciples, how to budget, do bookkeeping and how to save. These were all new things to them. Jackson is a Massai man and lives in small rural village. With his family he lives in little small houses of clay. His family owns a Posho mill. This mill grinds mais/corn to powder. This powder will be used to cook a staple food called Ugali or Zimma.

After the training, Jackson and his family started to save money from the Posho mill. Jackson received 200,000 Tanzanian Shilling (around $80) and started to buy and sell some goats (around 3 per week). After a while he multiplied his money to 300,000 Tanzanian Shilling ($120).

Upon engaging with the local community and conducting market research, Jackson identified a need for maize. To address this demand, he decided to invest his 300,000 Tanzanian Shillings by purchasing maize in a city located 50 kilometers away. He then distributed this maize to the local residents, saving them transportation costs and generating a profit for himself. Furthermore, his Posho mill allowed customers to conveniently grind the maize.

As a result of these endeavors, Jackson’s financial capital expanded to 500,000 Tanzanian Shillings. With this capital, he continues to invest in buying and selling maize to the people in his village and nearby areas. Through this small business, Jackson now has the means to send some of the community’s children to school, significantly improving their prospects for the future. Also, he and his family bought bricks and cement to build a new house for their mother. Additionally, his growing business network has led to increased visibility in the community, allowing him to freely share his faith and spread the message of Jesus through the many connections he has established. Jackson’s journey showcases the powerful impact of combining business and church planting in transforming lives and communities.

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