The Cycle of Business Planting

Entrepreneurship can be compared with planting seeds. Planting seeds has the following components:

1. Finding the right soil

When you start out, you first need to find the right soil. You remove rocks, weeds and anything that might hinder the growth. You determine how much sun, shade and rain there will be. You will investigate if the soil you have in mind will be good soil for the seeds that you have.

In business planting we first research our soil. We go into our communities and talk to the people we want to reach. We typically ask the question: “What product or service would you like to have access to that you don’t have right now?”. We listen, ask questions and listen again.

2. Plant the seed

Once you have found the right soil, you plant the seed. From there it starts to germinate. There is not much you can do, God makes it grow.

In business planting, we come up with at least 3 business ideas after our research. Why? Because not all of them might be viable and so we will not be disappointed in the process when one idea doesn’t work. We have 2 more ideas to work on! We validate our ideas by asking counsel from others, developing a business plan and making a budget.

After the validation its time to get to work! You start and launch your business!

3. Water and protect

After you have planted the seed, you water, protect and guard it from outside influences. You make sure your crop is taken care off.

You protect your business, guard it and make sure problems are being solved!

4. Harvest

The plant start to grow! After a while you will have a harvest. What a joyful time! You will eat some of it and bring some to the market.

Harvest time for your business is a joyful time! You have profit and enjoy it.

5. Sow back

You don’t only eat from the seed, but you also sow back new seeds to create have an abundant harvest.

We don’t eat all the profits. We use some of it to cover our expenses, but we also use some of our revenue to give away, grow our business or start a new business. And so the cycle of business plantin goes on and on.

Read a great case study how one of our churchplanters used the cycle of business planting.

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