Become a business coach

  • Do you have a passion to help people start and grow their businesses while they are making disciples and reaching the lost?
  • Are you skilled in business coaching, administration or finances/accounting?
  • Do you have affinity with Asian and African cultures?

Then volunteer your skills and become a:

BUSINESS COACH for disciple makers in Africa and Asia

With Business For Mission we train and coach disciple makers in Africa and Asia to start Kingdom businesses.

As a business coach you:

  • Have online coaching meetings using Zoom, WhatsApp or anything else that works
  • Develop a friendship with the local African and Asian disciple makers by listening, asking a lot of questions and encouraging them
  • Help them write their business plans (and sometimes even write it for them)
  • Help them develop their personal and business budgets
  • Pray for them
  • Give wise council in how to run and grow their business

Time commitment: 2 hours a week (for one person to coach) with ongoing communication over WhatsApp or Signal

Duration: at least one year

You will be part of a team of coaches and an amazing movement of God where disciple makers will learn to grow their businesses to become self-sustainable and use business to extend the reach of the gospel.

Send us an email if you want to help.