Opportunities during COVID-19: 40 people from 17 countries receive online Pioneer Business Planting

“Pioneer Business Planting has helped me understand how to spread the gospel while running a business. The Word of God says, “Go into the world and preach the gospel!” It is not possible for everyone to go to the ends of the earth. However, the command to preach the gospel is for everyone. God’s command for us is to spread the gospel in business, media and in the environment he placed us.  We remain in Him and invite unreached people in His presence”

After a Pioneer Business Planting Consultation on location was cancelled 3 times due to COVID-19 it was expected that more meetings would be cancelled. After much prayer we decided to offer the consultation online. From June 15-19 we were able to train 40 people from 17 countries online. These church planters came from Ethiopia, Mauritius, South Africa, Malawi, Uganda, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Ivory Coast, Congo, Mozambique, Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Sudan, United States and the Netherlands.

A daring digital feat

What does it look like to offer an online training that normally takes a full week when on location? How does it work to bring 40 hours back to 4-hour daily ZOOM meetings, supplemented by reading assignments? Will the internet connections be good enough? These were questions we had and many more. At the end of the training, we asked the participants whether they would recommend this digital version of the training to others or not, in case flying remains impossible in the near future. The participants unanimously agreed they would recommend this online version of the training to others.

Looking back we can draw the conclusion that we reached our goal. 40 people were introduced to the world of Pioneer Business Planting, got enthusiastic about it and received a certificate. This first online experience has enabled us to make improvements for future digital meetings. Participants have started drawing up their business plans, can start doing market research, and start their businesses. Participants wishing to receive online coaching can get this online.

It is great to see how God works. We sow a seed: He gives the growth. In this overwhelming #corona season we see how God brings hope, as people develop knowledge and insights to start businesses and tell others about Jesus.

In the short term there are plans to offer Pioneer Business Planting courses in countries in Asia and Africa. Our next challenge is an online version of the training WITH translation. (The first group  consisted of an international, but English speaking group).

What’s Pioneer Business Planting?

Pioneer Business Planting is a five-day consultation aimed at extending the reach of the gospel and creating financial sustainability for church planters and other leaders. The intended result is a viable business that provides a product or service that does not yet exist in that region and serves the local community by meeting physical, social or mental needs.


“The way I see business has completely changed. I always thought business is about profit and loss but here I learned that business is a Kingdom strategy that is completely different from how the world sees it. The highlight of the training for me was that God owns my business and we are the stewards”.

Will you support start-ups and reach the unreached in COVID time?

The investment for a 12-month project averages $2,200 per month for one community. With this amount we offer training, coaching, but we also start a FaithFund where people can apply for loans to start their businesses. The results of it all, touched lives, church planters providing for themselves, people worshipping Jesus, are wonderful to see!

Donate $ 100 or more today and make an impact by helping church planters reach the unreached and start businesses.

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