Unlocking the wealth of rural communities: Utilizing livestock as capital for business start-ups

“You know, brother, these people here are very rich!”, one of my Kenyan friends told me when I arrived in Tanzania after they just finished giving our business training. “Only they don’t realize it! They have hundreds of goats and tens of cows. They can easily sell one or two of them, which will give them capital to start a business. This will help them to produce more money and buy more goats and cows if they want to.”

During our peer learning time in Tanzania, we talked about how we can use the resources that we have to start a business. A lot of people believe they don’t have enough resources to start a business. They feel stuck, because they don’t have start up capital. Most of them don’t realize they have more resources than they think. Besides some savings, they might have skills, a property and friends that can help them. 

In this case, it is livestock. Several cows and goats can be sold and used as capital to get started.

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