Inspiring teenagers attend Pioneer Business Planting Training, create successful business models

One of the 16-year-old teenagers from the Middle East who attended our Pioneer Business Planting told me, “We worked on our presentations until 3:00 am.” As part of the training, all participants are required to teach back one of the sessions, which is known as The Explanation Effect and helps to enhance learning.

A group of young teenagers traveled for an hour with their parents to attend our business training. After finishing the training at 9:00 pm, they drove back home and arrived at 11:00 pm. Despite this, they dedicated themselves to working on their presentations until 3:00 am and were back in class by 9:00 am the following day. The quality of their presentations was exceptional!

It is always inspiring to witness young people attending our classes, and I regret not having had the opportunity to learn about starting a business when I was their age.

One of the teenagers created a Business Model Canvas and Business Budget for a t-shirt and hoodies business. His plan is to sell these items to his friends, family, and others in his area. He hopes to use this business to meet new people and share Jesus with them. In addition to assisting his father’s business, this experience will provide him with invaluable skills and experience in entrepreneurship. Starting young and learning from failures can lead to success in the future.

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