Empowering African trainers: program for Kingdom business and church planting in Tanzania

In early February, we conducted a three-day Business for Movements Train the Trainer program in Tanzania, welcoming 23 leaders from Tanzania, Malawi, and Kenya. The objective of this training was to empower and enhance the capabilities of our local African trainers to teach at least 50 individuals this year to start a Kingdom business.

On the first day, we looked at how to determine which group to train and how to prepare well to facilitate a training. We finished the day by prophesying over each other.

On the second day, we looked at how to lead a training and at the Business Model Canvas. This is a simple, visual method of creating your business model on one page. Each participant developed their own Business Model Canvas based on their own business ideas. Then, some participants took place in the HOT SEAT. They shared their business idea and members from the room encouraged them, gave them tips and helped them move forward.

Envelope game

We played an envelope game to teach participants how to divide their personal finances into categories, such as rent, food, and medical bills. They were confronted with situations like: What do you do with the money in the medical envelope when at the end of the month there are no medical bills? We also explored common challenges related to starting businesses in Africa, such as how to handle finances and secrets kept between spouses. This session concluded with a powerful time of prayer.

Training plan

On the final day, we looked into how to do a follow-up after the training. We dived into coaching well, FaithFunds and SavingGroups. We finished with a plan. Every participant wrote down 50 people that they are going to train this year. After that, the local teams sat down together to plan how to train. We called each team up front, they shared their plans and we prayed for each group.

The 23 leaders pledged to:

  • Train 706 people
  • Raise up 98 trainers
  • Facilitate 16 Pioneer Business Planting consultations
  • Across 5 different nations
Our three-day Train the Trainer program in Tanzania was a huge success. We are thrilled to start coaching the local trainers as a follow-up, and we are confident that they will make a positive impact in their communities. We look forward to seeing the fruits of this training in the near future.

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