End of 2021 a group visited an unreached tribe, called the East Pokots from Kenya. For the last 6 years, one of our workers has been working faithfully in that area which resulted in new churches planted.

The East Pokots are an animistic people group that move with their livestock from place to place. We have seen large herds of goats, cows and even camels! Only a 2-10% percentage of the people have gone to school. The living conditions are harsh in that area, where there is no streaming water and no electricity.

We met a group of young pastoralists. These men can walk for 12 hours without needing a drop of water. They are fierce and strong. They search for water and grass to feed their livestock. When it is dry and they can’t find grass or water in their own areas, they enter areas of other surrounding tribes. This leads to conflicts over grass and water and sometimes livestock is stolen as well.

One of these leaders of these young men came into the church and got to know God. God changed his heart. He realized that cattle rustling would have a negative effect on the children of the other community.

He has stopped stealing livestock and has urged 19 other friends to stop as well. They have shifted to keeping bees and sell the honey. As a result, there are fewer fights. God has changed their hearts.

They also call themselves the Reform Warriors (see the photo above). All of them have a motorbike and have a phone. They have been reformed by Jesus. They are now warriors for Him that can travel Kenya and beyond on their motorbikes and share Jesus.

Please pray for these young men!

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