From Homeless to Making Disciples and Running a Business

When Gibson was young, his father died. His stepfather didn’t like him, and on one evening Gibson was sent away from the house. He was left alone on the streets with one set of clothes and a pair of shoes.

After a while, he came in contact with some Christians who took him under their wings. He started to follow Jesus and shared his faith with others.

“After that,” Gibson shares, “I decided to borrow a shaving machine from my uncle with an aim to start a barbershop. I employed someone, because I didn’t know how to shave. After some time doing this business, my landlord saw that there was potential in me to do business. A friend of his opened a supermarket and asked me to become his supermarket manager.

After working for that man for 2 years, my landlord decided to find another job for me in a company, because the pay in the supermarket was not that good. While I was working as a stores clerk, I was going out to share the word of God to the villages around where I lived.

I met a certain old man who was sick and asked if he had ever heard about Jesus. He said, ‘No’. I shared the gospel, he repented and received Jesus, and after a few days the man died. Since that time, the Lord gave me a heart to minister in villages.”

CPx in South Africa

“When I got married and had two children,” Gibson continues, “the job I had was not providing enough money to support my family, so I decided to go to South Africa to look for opportunities. While I was in South Africa, God blessed me a lot! I joined Protea Valley Church. One of the pastors asked me if I would like to do CPx (Church Planting Experience, which is a church planting training), because he saw potential in me. After CPx, we went to Madagascar to do our outreach together. The Lord used us in a mighty way. We prayed for a woman who had been married for 9 years but had no children, and she got pregnant with a baby girl.”

Starting a printshop in Malawi

After a while, Gibson returned to Malawi and started a small shop with his wife. It grew slowly. “All the money I earned, I put back in the business,” said Gibson. “It grew little by little.”

In 2016, he started his printing business, Multiply. The Protea Valley Church helped him to establish it. “My vision is to make disciples and multiply them. I want my business to help in that.” With his team he has been faithfully working to make disciples and plant churches in Malawi. They have planted 12 house churches over the last few years.

In August 2018, Gibson attended a Pioneer Business Planting training and implemented the lessons he had learned. After doing some research within the community, he discovered that he needed a new location for his business. He rented a space near a busy road, and now his business is growing. He has between 10-25 customers per day and prints examinations for schools. He has expanded his services to graphic design and selling stationary as well. On top of this, he teaches young people computer skills and helps them start their own businesses.

Gibson uses his business to make disciples by interacting with them in his shop on a daily basis. Together, they share life, pray, talk about Jesus and go out to make disciples and plant new churches.

Watch Gibson’s story below.

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