If All Businesses Begin with Prayer, The World is Bound to Change

Molly and her husband, Gert, live in Cape Town, South Africa. They have six children, which means that Molly is a full time homeschooling mother. In her spare time, however, she invests in people all around the world by helping them get and remain healthy. Health to Molly is physical, mental, and spiritual. It took a long road to get to where she is, though. Through prayer, fasting, and seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit, Molly and Gert have been tremendously blessed with a flourishing business. There are now an estimated 30 people with full time incomes and 50 with part time incomes, all because of this growing business.

A few years ago, Molly had her sixth child and felt completely depleted of energy. She discovered a company that helped her regain energy and lose weight in a natural and healthy way. She was amazed when one morning she woke up after having very little sleep and felt like she had the energy to go for a run. Molly got her life back. She was sold on this new healthy way of living and wanted to help others regain their lives as well.

There were so many obstacles, though, for Molly and Gert to climb over. They were already involved in ministry, so adding a home business that could potentially be a flop was a difficult decision to make.

“I was full of fear to even hope it could happen,” Molly shares. “But I couldn’t let go of this idea and it grew into a dream to not only fund our ministry, but to support other ministries and missionaries around the world. My husband Gert has been extremely supportive and we both felt God was opening up a providential door for us, and we were going to walk through it.”

Walking through that door opened up many more doors of blessing for Molly and Gert. They are supporting their own ministry and helping others financially. It also allows them to be intentional with discipleship because they are coaching so many people who also long to follow harder after Jesus.

Molly says that combining discipleship and business comes naturally. “We do life together,” she says, “and often work through challenging situations together. We support each other through times of crisis.” This includes a dear friend and business partner who had a brain tumor. Molly was able to walk with her through the ups and downs, and the business provided the financial support necessary to put food on the table.

This health business has not been all positive experiences, however. Molly has had to deal with a lot because of this business being in South Africa.

“It is hugely challenging to open up a new market in a third world country and deal with inconsistencies of government and corruption,” she explains. “I was inexperienced in importing, foreign business, and business in general, so there was a giant learning curve. We did not have a road map on how to do this.” But through these challenges, Molly and Gert have grown in faith and trust that God is ultimately in control of their success.

Alongside the practical problems with business in a third world country, Molly has had to work through personal challenges that can come with running a business. She says she had to “overcome doubt, unbelief, and a fear of failure in myself. I couldn’t believe the swift success I had, and often it caused me to self-sabotage and fear success. I overcome this daily through prayer, believing I am who God says I am, and by declaring his Word over my life.”

The biggest victory for Molly was after the biggest crisis she’d ever had in the business.

“After three months of a stock crisis,” she says, “I thought that our business was about to come to an end. We were dealing with dissatisfaction in the field, unhappy customers, and an unsavory character who was working behind the scenes. God led us to fast for 40 days and at the end of that time, the guy was fired, the person we wanted to run the logistics was hired, and our large shipment came through. I hadn’t seen such direct answers to prayer before.

Molly also says that connecting with her business coach was a big success for her. They met through All Nations, and he coached her through some of the low moments in her business. His guidance and encouragement helped her to plan well and press onward.

Most importantly, Molly and her family have remained faithful and connected to God through the ups and downs of business. He has shown up each and every time. He even helps Molly manage her time between business, marriage, mothering, and goals.

“My first priority is being at home with my kids,” she shares. “We homeschool, which is a full time job. The reason I can be involved in business is that it is a home-based business. I work around our homeschool and my husband’s ministry schedule. To make it work, we have to listen very carefully and do only what the Father says to do. I find it challenging to manage my time, as I have a lot of goals, dreams, and a big vision, but it is all in God’s timing and made possible through his favor.”

Future plans for Molly are to expand her company and business until they are stable and thriving in South Africa. From there, she wants to grow her own personal brand and company and “produce resources for people around health, family, faith, missions, and leadership.”

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