Pioneer Business Planting Online goes Multilingual: Equipping You to Reach the Unreached

“Can we have the video’s also in my own language?”, people asked me multiple times the last months. “Yes! We can do that!” Through the hard work of local translators and with the help of AI we managed to translate in these languages:

Every video has voiceover and subtitles in their respective languages. Register now and start a Kingdom business. 

What can you expect from PBP Online?

• Bite-sized learning: 39 engaging animated videos (2-3 minutes each) make the course accessible and easy to understand.
• Interactive activities: Solidify your learning with exercises and games you can do individually or in a group.
• Recognition for your efforts: Earn a completion certificate upon finishing the course.
• Ongoing support: Connect with a coach for personalized guidance on your business journey.

Who can benefit from PBP Online?

This program is designed for a wide range of individuals:
• New believers: Get equipped to start a Kingdom business and make a difference in your community.
• Church planters: Integrate PBP Online into your church planting efforts for a holistic approach.
• Participants that have followed a live PBP: Use PBP Online as a refresher and strengthen your knowledge.
• Coaches: Enhance your coaching with PBP Online’s resources.
• Potential coaches: Get acquainted with Pioneer Business Planting through this comprehensive course.
• Translators: Help translate the materials and make PBP Online accessible to new communities.

The Impact of PBP Online

Since its launch in May 2023, PBP Online has demonstrably impacted the global landscape:
• Over 214 students from more than 32 nations have already enrolled!
• Trainers are finding the course valuable as a reference tool.
• We also have launched an Android app for Eastern Africa, called Multiply Ubuntu. Through the app people can listen to the audio bible in Swahili, Lugandan and Chichewa and watch the PBP videos. They can share the app and the content without needing to have data/internet.

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