Making disciples and planting business among street children in Kenya and beyond

Kefa’s early life

At a young age, Kefa’s drive to keep his family out of poverty started to emerge. When his mother got seriously ill, everything that his family had, was sold to support his mother’s medication. His father ventured and looked for work but the earnings were still inadequate for them. Kefa had to stop going to school to help his father instead. He started earning money before the age of 10. He started a small enterprise selling paraffin to the tea employees where his father used to work. When Kefa left school in 1997, he started a small tea restaurant. Kefa’s entrepreneurship skills developed as the years went by. He started another business of collecting and selling scrap metals in 2001, and later on, he was employed at a tea plantation. The following year, he met his wife, Hyline, and got married.

Keep persevering

In 2010, Kefa started his bakery business in Chepilat in Kenya where he was making bread, cakes, and doughnuts. The bakery was doing well for many years until it was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic with the inflation of materials from the year 2021 to this year. The profit has been reduced from this business to the extent that he has to downsize his operation. Today, Kefa’s bakery business is picking up slowly, and will grow back into his normal operations soon.

Kefa’s bakery business has helped him and his family a lot and has extended the help to other people. Kefa employs many people and gives other stores his products they can re-sell. Through the benefits of his bakery business, he managed to reach the unreached street families in Kisii town. Some of those street children transformed, left the street, and went back to their families. Some of those who accepted Jesus were employed in Kefa’s bakery business;. Others lived a good life, got married, and are creating their own families.

Christian life

In the year 2003, Kefa received Jesus in his life when a pastor came into his house to visit. He became a pastor in 2007 and resigned from his employment at the tea plantation because there was no extra time he could spend with his family and church while he was stuck into a full working week. When they move to Chepilat in 2008, he joined a Mennonite Mission.

Kefa joined All Nations in 2015 and learned more about Church Planting in Uganda. Later he followed a Pioneer Business Planting Consultation in Kenya. In March 2021, he was one of the facilitators of the Pioneer Business Planting  (PBP) consultation in Kenya. Kefa joined several Pioneer Business Planting trainings as one of the facilitators since then. He joined the PBP training for the members of the LifeWay Ministries in Nairobi in October 2021, and in the recent training in Mozambique this June 2022.

Pioneer Business Planting Training – March 2021, Chepilat, Kenya

Pioneer Business Planting Training – October 2021, Nairobi, Kenya

Successful businessman and church planter

Throughout all the exposures and interactions with different people, having attended the Pioneer Business Planting training, Kefa learned a lot and practices every single item of it:

  1. Business planning is very important. Without planning, no success.
  2. In business it’s very important to keep track of the expenses and sales. It helps you to determine your business status.
  3. It’s important to prepare a personal and business budget.
  4. You can be the church in your business. They are not separate.
  5. When business and church succeed, you also succeed. Kefa was able to succeed financially in his business, supported his family well, and saved for future investments.
  6. Business is a great avenue to reach unreached people and share the word of God.

Fruitful output

  1. Kefa was able to support his church activities through the success of his business.
  2. He was able to support members of his community and church to help start their own small businesses.
  3. He has reached the unreached people, the street children in Kisii town, and managed to encourage some few to get out of the streets. They are now reformed people of the society.
  4. Through Pioneer Business Planting, Kefa is privileged to travel to many countries and help other peoples plant churches and make disciples.

Kefa is now a proud a disciple maker, church planter and businessman with experience. This is all through the grace of God the Almighty. Through Pioneer Business Planting and church planting, he has planted several house churches, especially at the Sotik Tea plantation and Sasini Tea Plantation in Kenya.

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