From being an alcoholic to a young businessman and a church planter – this is Finley’s story.

For five years, Finley lost track and turned away from God. Until one day, he realized that what he does is not taking him anywhere. Finley Mandela from Kenya, now 28 years old, came from a family where people used to go to church but not Jesus Christ as personal savior. They go to church but do not understand the meaning of being saved and the value of being a Christian. Finley went away from the church because he felt rankled. His situation became worse. He stopped going to church and went too far from the Lord.

Finley started to engage in ungodly practices. He started drinking alcohol and such ungodly behaviors. This part of his life left marks on him from the injury that he got from the trouble it caused him. A cut on his upper arm and forehead can tell that he went through a lot when he swept away Jesus Christ in his life. He has found some companies like his age and continued with the process. He never went to church. He is just on his own.

At a certain time, he didn’t know what happened to his life. He just sat down and realized he must focus. He cannot just keep on living like this. He sat with a friend who is a brother to his pastor and told his friend that their drinking habit will not take them anywhere. He wanted to quit alcohol. He stopped seeing his other friends completely and started going to church. It was Pastor Kefa Moirore who welcomed and prayed for them. Finley stayed in the pastor’s place for many months. He is very proud and thankful to his pastor for giving him some spiritual books he keeps on reading. Finley is very happy because his friend followed in the same footsteps to be with the Lord again. They never go back to their drinking habit even though those other friends they had kept asking to join them again. Finley stopped going to places he knew temptations of alcohol would tease him. He prayed to God to help him resist the temptations of liquor.

Finley continue to stay with Kefa like they are a one big family, sharing the words of God. This is his turning point. God changed him a lot. His community started respecting him because he has become a good example even to the growing generation. That others can learn something good from him. When God changed his life, the community changed the way they looked at him before. Especially now, he started doing business. People come to seek his advice on business.

Finley started sharing with the community what he learned from attending Pioneer Business Planting. It was Kefa who mentored him into business through Pioneer Business Planting. It made him realize that there is a very big relevance between business and the word of God.

Pioneer Business Planting

Finley started his own barbershop with one employee. A lot of people come to his barbershop and he feels like he should be expanding the business because it is growing. Pioneer Business Planting changed him a lot. It changed the perspective of how he knew business to which it is not only for making profit, but it can also be used as a tool to spread the gospel. It made him realized that he doesn’t need a lot of resources to start a business or to engage in a business. He also stared a poultry farming business. He decided to start small with 12 layers of hen and his target is to grow this into 132 layers.

Aside from doing business, Finley also help in church planting and disciples making. He has even influenced some of his other friends to quit drinking and encouraged them to avoid bad company. Right now, He mentoring a group of fellow youth that started a carwash business though it is not yet running.

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